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A leading translation team in China, Ace Chinese Translation (A.C.T.) devotes itself to providing unparalleled translation / localization services – from major eastern Asian and European languages into Chinese (Simplified & Traditional, Cantonese & Mandarin). We differentiate ourselves from other vendors by focusing only on one target language – Chinese, which is our mother tongue we listen, speak, read, write and live on in our daily life. All of our translators are professional native Chinese linguists with strong backgrounds and rich experiences in the source languages / cultures as well as the relevant specialty of the contents. A Quality Assurance system is also in place to ensure each and every of our deliveries are to our clients’ maximum satisfaction...

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When you are assigning your Chinese translators to handle an "English to Mandarin Translation" project, do you know what exactly is the "MANDARIN" language? What is the difference between "Mandarin" and "Chinese language"? Is it the "Simplified Chinese"


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