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No one is more eligible than we are in translating English chemical contents into Chinese! We've handled a great number of these types of materials and are still working on them RIGHT NOW (the end clients include BAYER and PPG), and will send you some sample files for your reference in a following letter.


Recent Major Chemical Projects:


MSDSs (Materials Safety Data Sheet) & Chemical Safety phrases (for Bayer).
Patent Application: Preparation of The Optically Pure Benzimidazole Anti-Peptic Ulcer Medicine
Patent Application: Method for Sewage Anaerobic Treatment by Vertical Turned Biochemical Reactor
Patent Application: Double metal cyanide (DMC) catalyst
Patent Application: Process for Preparation of Double Metal Cyanides Complex Catalyst by Continuation Method
Report: Synthesis of High Molecular Polyether
Report: DMC Catalyst And Its Application In Production of Polyether Polyols
Patent Application: An Electroresponse Macromolecular Smart Catalyst & Its Preparation Method
LOTO (Lock Out & Tag Out) text & JSA (Job Safety Analysis) sheets
Report: Application of Resin B-20-S in Cord Fabric Gum
(Note: The above chemical projects were successfully completed with help from specialists working in chemical industry. )


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