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We WRITE UP your contents in Chinese.


Looking forward to opening up the lucrative Chinese market? Trying to attract more Chinese consumers to your products and services? Translating your existing brochures or promotional contents may be sufficient to bridge the language barriers, but that might not always be powerful enough to generate expected commercial outputs as there is often cultural differences that hinders the translated contents to touch the “most sensitive parts” in the mind and heart of your target audiences.



Our copywriting service can be the right solution for you to produce your commercial contents with maximum marketing power in Chinese language. Our professional copywriters will write up, create, play, edit and polish the text, and make sure it will reach out to your desired target readers.


The work of "copywriting" is about writing copies for the purpose of selling or marketing a product, business, or a service. Copy-writing is basically used for marketing of any business or even a product. By using this reader or listener of the copy is supposed to be persuaded to buy the product advertised for. Great copywriting engages a reader and takes them on a trip. Copy is content primarily used for the purpose of advertising or marketing. This type of written material is often used to persuade a person or group as well as to raise brand awareness. The term "copywriting" is quite often used interchangeably with "content writing" or "freelance writing", although this might not technically accurate.


Copywriting is among the most neglected areas of creating a successful online presence. People focus on designing a web site and appearing full of Google, but do not spend the exact same amount of time and money on their articles. We need to ensure what on our own website are exceptional!


Significance of copywriting in Advertising and Marketing industry.


We have an old saying – “you will never get a 2nd chance to make a good impression.” This is an old saying but it could never be more appropriate. Specially in business aspect. And one essential, and often forgotten, way of making the right feeling is by having well-written, convincing text on all of your business marketing materials.


Potential customers hardly have any time or inclination to check out your websites, emails or brochures. So normal terms are simply not good enough. Every word on your website or in your print materials must work hard to improve you sales. Copy of your product or business may also come in social networking contents including tweets, weblog posts, and social-networking website posts. Content writing on websites can include among its other goals the optimization for higher ranks in popular search engines.




A copywriter is someone who does the copywriting works. They write for promotional purposes, and although they may very well be a freelance writer, they have a specific marketing purpose.


A copywriter might write advertising copy, sales letters, commercial scripts, sales copy, or other types of marketing media for a business, such as billboards, brochures, website contents, or mass mailings. Copywriters often write copy for commercial websites as well, often for the purpose of search engine optimization, or as we may call - SEO. SEO uses frequently used search terms in the written copy to promote the ranking of the website in search engines, making it more likely for people to click on the link and visit this site. These are simply common places to find copywriting, but it can literally be found anywhere in day to day life, and you probably don't even notice it sometimes.


Copy-writers are used to help create direct mail pieces, jingle lyrics, taglines, web page content (although if the purpose is not ultimately promotional, its author might prefer to be called a content writer), e-mail and other Internet content, online ads, white papers, television or radio commercial scripts, press releases, billboards, catalogs, brochures, sales letters, postcards, and other marketing communications media pages. In book publishing, flap copy and jacket flap copy are terms for the brief summary of a book which often appears on the inside of the book's hardcover dust jacket; back cover copy is similar, often briefer text placed on the book's outside back cover; catalog copy is another book summary maintained in a publisher's catalog of published books. Copies can also appear in social media content including tweets, blog posts, and social-networking site posts.


Reporters, journalists, and other content writers should not be called copywriters, although they may have started out that way. Copywriting is a great way to break into the publishing industry, and a college degree in marketing, journalism, language, or some other form of writing or communications is a good way to begin. You might be able to get an internship as a copywriter while still in college, making contacts at a company and learning basic knowledge and skills.


Working as a copy-writer, we usually comprehend clients by walking within their shoes. As a result, sales message is plausible and more effective. In fact, at every step we develop the confidence and reliability that you audience needs our copy before any product will be bought by them. Nothing puts readers off like bad grammar and poor spelling. It'll make your business appear unprofessional and untrustworthy. You also should make it interesting. Does your website or brochure inform them what you do? does it cause them to become buy from you? Can it be created in a warm and pleasant tone? is it easy to understand? does it inform them just how to contact you? You’re unlikely to transform your readers in to your consumers if the answers are "no" to some of the above listed questions. Remove unnecessary phrases and words, change sentences around and examine things very carefully before you finally release. Bad written copies can cost your business both a big money and its vital reputation. So be careful when choosing your copywriters.


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