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Who We Are & Why We Excel
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We are the ACE CHINESE TRANSLATION (A.C.Translation) team, and you may find this name "self-explanatory":

We FOCUS on localizing various foreign languages into our mother tongue - CHINESE (ZHCN, ZHSI, ZHHK, ZHTW, ZHSG, etc.)! Optimal output quality is ensured as we deliberately choose NOT to diversify, and we have 100% strong control over each piece of translation & localization works we deliver!


A TOP Chinese translation team, by clear FOCUS & strong commitment!


We are a well organized team of professional and experienced NATIVE CHINESE TRANSLATORS / LOCALIZATORS / COPYWRITERS, specialized in translating / localizing / globalizing to (and from) our mother tongue - Chinese

(Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Shanghainess, Sichuanese, etc.).  


We handle these foreign languages (preferred as source):
English, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Danish, Korean and Japanese.


Services we offer with confidence:
Translation, localization, globalization, desktop publishing (DTP), copywriting, market research.


The Team

As a China-based translation/localization team with a 21st century global vision, A.C.Translation is built up by a group of highly skilled and dedicated professional Chinese linguists devoting ourselves to the efficient cultural and business communications between the east and the west.

Committed to always delivering outstanding output for each and all assignments, big or small, we combine various expertise and knowledge of professionals in our team to meet any particular requirements of our clients'. Core members of our professional team are from both linguistic and technical backgrounds with credentials and degrees from recognized universities or other industrial institutions.


Surviving on quality and diligent in client service, we are proud of being a truly specialized regional language vendor focusing on a limited number of language pairs. The source language we handle include two Eastern Asian languages (Japanese & Korean) and several major European languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Danish), and we focus only one target language – Chinese, with all of its variations: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Shanghainess, Sichuanese, etc. (The latter three variations are actually just some local dialects, and their writing forms are all the same as the Mandarin).

We are based in several local cities of China, and we speak, read, write and listen in Chinese everyday - we are part of this language and this culture. If you require us to translate from Chinese into your language (for example: translate Chinese into English), we can still handle and the output will be good enough for information or general reading purpose, but please don't expect for perfect native-feel yet. Recently we've been hiring native foreign language translators to improve on this aspect. 

We understand our strengths clearly - and we will not compromise. With our clients' long-term success in mind, we know that our uncompromising approach to excellence makes sense. The results, speak for themselves.


So, if you have been looking for a well-positioned company that truly specializes in translating your languages into Chinese, you need look no further. Hire professional Mandarin translators for your Mandarin translation needs. Contact us now.

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