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Having legal contracts or agreements that need to be translated from English into Chinese or Chinese into English? Looking for professional Chinese legal translation providers with sound experience in this field? A.C.Translation people are here to satisfy these needs! Talk to us and see how well we can handle your Chinese legal translation projects.

We are confident of handling your business contracts and agreements. It’s one of our regular jobs to “play the words” between “Party A & Party B”, and to elaborate the “RECITALS”, the “Responsibilities, Liabilities and Obligations”, the “Effective Dates” and “Terminations”, the “act of God” and “Indemnity”, as well as the “Miscellaneous”, from one language to another (basically, the English, the Simplified Chinese and the Traditional Chinese).


Legal translation definitely requires higher skill in handling the languages, especially when we are “converting” the legal text between English and Chinese.


LEGAL TRANSLATION – Chinese into English, the challenges:


Some Chinese contracts and agreements, particularly those written by ordinary Chinese people without international business experiences, tend to appear in very informal manners to the eyes of occidental business people. The translators have to be truly masterly and particular enough to express the sentences in smooth and easy-to-understand English, without distorting the original meaning of any single Chinese characters.


LEGAL TRANSLATION – English into Chinese, the challenges:


In years of translation works, we more and more feel that – As a language for precision, English is ideal for composition of contracts and agreements, especially when compared with my mother tongue, the Chinese language, which, good in literary expressions, sometimes tends to convey meanings in ambiguously structured sentences.


Ideal for clearly defining details by using long sentence structures, English legal text, on the other hand, presents certain difficulties to translators who wish to translate them into clean and natural Chinese text without losing any information in the English original. But these are not real difficulties for experienced ones like us in A.C.Translation. We are versed in handling legal text, and had satisfied our clients in many demanding projects.


Samples will be available upon your request!

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