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When you are assigning your Chinese translators to handle an “English to Mandarin Translation” project, do you know what exactly is the “MANDARIN” (sometimes written as "Mandarine", probably a typo form) language? What is the difference between “Mandarin” and “Chinese language”? Is it the “Simplified Chinese” or “Traditional Chinese”? For which market does this “language” best fit? Let me brief explain to you as below:


(However, if you are interested in detailed explanation, please read this article of ours: Mandarin vs. Cantonese.)





They are two SPOKEN styles/dialects of Chinese language. As an official spoken “dialect”, Mandarin is widely used in Mainland China, Taiwan area and Singapore. Cantonese is specifically targeted to HK audience only.


Is it the Simplified or Traditional? There is not a certain correct answer if you want to be ACADEMICALLY precise. But we are not scholars studying histories and written text forms - we are translators. Let me give you a straight and easy answer – Translation into Mandarin means translation into “Simplified Chinese for Mainland Readers”.


MANDARIN in China:

In Mainland China, we don’t have this exact word. Instead, we call this official dialect as “Pu Tong Hua”, which means the “common/standard language” in English. Where does this word “MANDARIN” come from? There is saying that the pronunciation of this word sounds like “Man Da Ren” in Chinese, which indicates the “Officials of Qing Dynasty”. However, this saying is only a saying for foreigners – the word “MANDARIN” in its English form basically means nothing to normal Chinese people who do not speak English. (Sounds strange? Normal Chinese people don’t know what is “MANDARIN” while many English-speaking people like you understand that it’s the official language spoken in China. Well, we have our own word for that, the “Pu Tong Hua”.)


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