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As a China-based Single Language Provider, A.C.Translation actually handles three types of text – the English, the Chinese Simplified (or the “Simplified Chinese”, the SC), and the Chinese Traditional (or the “Traditional Chinese”, the TC), the latter two being our mother tongues.


Wonder what is the difference between the Chinese Simplified and the Chinese Traditional? Here are the simple answers:


Simplified Chinese is the WRITTEN text (of Chinese) that is used in Mainland China and among Chinese people in Singapore. This written form evolved and was adopted after the end of civil war and establishment of P.R.China in 1949.

Traditional Chinese is the WRITTEN text (of Chinese) that is used in Hong Kong and Taiwan nowadays. As its name tells, this is a traditional version that had been written by Chinese people for thousands of years.

Theoretically and at the beginning, they had NO DIFFERENCE except for the writing method of the Chinese characters! But after decades of evolution, certain diversities have developed among these two "derivatives" of Chinese written text. For detailed story, please check this article of ours: Chinese Simplified vs. Chinese Traditional.



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