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What is Desktop Publishing?


Not to be confused with ‘electronic publishing’, desktop publishing (DTP) is the design and production of publications, using personal computers with graphics capability and specialized high-quality publications software. The publications may be printed directly from the desktop publishing application software, typically using a desktop laser printer, or adapted for a commercial printing process. 



Dedicated Chinese DTP Specialists


Professionally presented DTP requires a very high level of expertise, as well as meticulous attention to detail and the overall look of the finished product. Moreover, there is no margin for error where DTP accuracy is concerned, as a single, seemingly insignificant error regarding important data output can spell disaster from a client point of view!

A.C.Translation hires only highly professional and dedicated DTP specialists, with an established and proven track record for ensuring maximum accuracy and consummate layout, in 100 percent error-free outputs.




Our highly qualified DTP team knows that the provision of quality DTP services is central to any localization/translation project. We also appreciate that the success of your project hinges on two main factors: first, the accurate translation and sensitive localization of the text and second, the efficient layout and design of the final output.Apart from the quality of translated/localized text itself, other essential aspects of DTP including graphics, layout, format, overall ‘look and feel’ all play an important part in determining the ultimate success of your Chinese<>English e-marketing initiative.


Did you know that …


In a computer environment, the Chinese language (both Simplified and Traditional) is presented as a double-byte system that differs significantly from Western language systems, which are presented by single bytes? (A byte is a numeric value that represents a single character).


Chinese Language Encoding


As there are so many more characters in the Chinese language compared with Western languages, two numbers or double-bytes are required to represent Chinese text. For the Chinese language we, therefore, encode into GB2312 (Chinese Simplified), Big 5 (Chinese Traditional) and/or Unicode UTF-8 (both). You may also perceive us as ¡°trilingual¡±, as there are actually three languages (CS, CT and English) worked, at A.C.Translation. 


Our DTP specialists are all experienced in working with DTP tools, within native, localized Chinese environments. In addition, our software programmers and graphic designers all possess in-depth skills in localizing products, DTP materials and websites for a wide variety of businesses and clients.


The A.C.Translation team has the experience and capabilities to help launch your products internationally, on time, on brief and on budget. Such expertise allows us to provide end-to-end services for all our clients’ diverse marketing and product localization requirements whilst, at the same time, streamlining the procedures required to prepare our clients’ products for the international market.


As top professional Chinese translators, we are experts in English to Mandarin translation works, and we also have ready DTP team in our office at your service.


Important DTP Questions 


The following are just a few of the questions that should be answered over the course of fulfilling your desktop publishing needs:


Are all the DTP specialists fully conversant with Chinese<>English encoding?


Are the DTP services offered as an integral part of the software/hardware localization project, or as a separate service for our global clients? (Incidentally, A.C.Translation offers you both options - the choice is yours!). 


Are your DTP tools double-byte enabled?


Are the images suitable for the localized target market?


Are the colors in your copy appropriate for their target audience?


How will ‘right to left’ composition affect the layout of your desktop publications?


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