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The Professional Native Chinese Translators & Localizers at A.C.T. FOCUS on translating and localizing various foreign languages into their mother tongue - CHINESE (Mandarin, Cantonese, Simplified, Traditional, etc.)! Optimal output quality is ensured as A.C.T. deliberately chooses NOT to diversify, so the team is confident to have 100% strong control over each piece of translation & localization works delivered to the clients!



As a China-based translation/localization team with a 21st century global vision, A.C.Translation is built up by a group of highly skilled and dedicated professional Chinese linguistic expertss devoting themselves to the efficient cultural and business communications between the east and the west. You've come to the best language center to find:


Chinese translators - Mandarin Style

Mandarin is the officially recognized and most widely spoken language in China. It's the SPOKEN version used by people in most parts of Mainland China, Taiwan Region & Singapore, covering over 75% of the Chinese speaking population worldwide. The term for "Mandarin" is pronounced as "Pu-Tong-Hua" in Mandarin itself, which virtually means "standard language" or "common language". It is the most commonly adopted Chinese language variant in government, education, business and media. It's also spoken more than any other dialects in China cities. If the goal is to communicate your message to the biggest part of the Chinese speaking population, Mandarin could usually be the right choice.


Chinese translators - Cantonese Style

Cantonese is another major dialect of spoken Chinese. It's spoken in certain regional areas of China and by many overseas Chinese communities. In Mainland China, it is the lingua franca of the province of Guangdong and neighboring regions such as some parts of Guangxi, being the dominant spoken language of the Pearl River Delta. It is the dominant and official language of Hong Kong and Macau. Cantonese is also widely spoken amongst overseas Chinese in Southeast Asia and throughout the Western world. In conclusion, if you will send your messages and documents to Hong Kong and Macau, make sure you will ask for good Cantonese linguists for your translation projects.

PS: There have been some debates going on about whether Cantonese should be treated as just a "dialect" or considered "independent language". You can find some facts and discussions regarding this matter here.


Chinese translators - Simplified Characters

SPOKEN Chinese is usually categorized into Mandarin and Cantonese (as well as a number some other minor dialects of course, which are not discussed here), while the written forms usually consists of Traditional & Simplified. Simplified Chinese is the WRITTEN text used in Mainland China and Singapore nowadays. This written form evolved with a long history but was ONLY adopted as the official text after the end of civil war and establishment of People's Republic of China in 1950's. If you want to write your letters / messages to people in Mainland China and Singapore, you shall engage best some Simplified Chinese linguists to write those in Simplified Characters.


Chinese translators - Traditional Characters

Traditional Chinese is the official WRITTEN text that is used in Taiwan, Hong Kong & Macau nowadays. It's also widely used by many of the overseas Chinese communities. As its name indicates, this is a traditional form that had been written by the Chinese people for thousands of years. It’s a very complicated writing system – as you know, Chinese language doesn't use alphabetic/phonic letters the way Western languages do, and each character can represent a variety of things - the Traditional Chinese version tend to use a great number of strokes in each one of the characters (or you may call it scripts / symbols) for that purpose. But you don't have to be daunted by the complexity of the writings - if your documents / materials are to be read by users in Hong Kong, Taiwan & Macau, you can always hire some good quality Traditional Chinese linguists to take care of your translation works.


How Should I Choose Right Translators for Hong Kong & Taiwan Markets?

In both Taiwan & Hong Kong, Chinese Traditional is the same script people write and read. But if you have ever visited these two places, you might have been quite surprised to find out that people are speaking “totally different languages”! People in Taiwan speak Mandarin, while the HK'ers speak Cantonese. So they write the same text but speak differently? Why is it like that? Yes this is a situation quite confusing for non-Chinese speakers, not sure which version to go with especially when you are looking for right linguists to take care of your important business communications. Let me explain it this way: Chinese Traditional and Chinese Simplified two different written forms, while Mandarin and Cantonese are two oral “dialects (or variants)” spoken by people residing in different regions. Separate between written scripts and their pronunciation - this is a phenomenon unique to the hieroglyph languages and not familiar for people using alphabetic systems.

ACE CHINESE TRANSLATION (A.C.T.) is a well organized team of professional and experienced NATIVE CHINESE TRANSLATORS / LOCALIZATORS / COPYWRITERS / PROOFREADERS / EDITORS, specialized in translating / localizing / globalizing to (and from) their mother tongue - Chinese


There are a number of source languages that can be handled with confidence:
English, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Danish, Korean and Japanese.


Chinese (and all the variants of it, including: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Shanghainess, Sichuanese, etc..)


Committed to always delivering outstanding output for each and all assignments, big or small, Ace Chinese Translation combines various expertise and knowledge of professionals in its team to meet any particular requirements of the clients'. Core members of this highly professional team are from both linguistic and technical backgrounds with credentials and degrees from recognized universities or other industrial institutions. Surviving on quality and diligent in client service, A.C.T. is proud of being a truly specialized regional language vendor focusing on a limited number of language pairs. A.C.T. understand its strengths clearly - and we will not compromise. With clients' long-term success in mind, ACT knows that uncompromising approaches to excellence will make the difference. The results, speak for themselves.


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