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A scene in Hong Kong, where the official spoken language is Cantonese.


When you are assigning your Chinese translators to handle an “Cantonese Translation” project, do you know what exactly is the “CANTONESE” language? What is the difference between “Cantonese” and “Chinese language”? Is it the “Simplified Chinese” or “Traditional Chinese”? For which market does this “language” best fit? Let me brief explain to you as below:

(However, if you are interested in detailed explanation, please read this article of ours: Mandarin vs. Cantonese.)

Cantonese vs. Mandarin:

They are two SPOKEN styles/dialects of Chinese language. As an official spoken “dialect”, Mandarin is widely used in Mainland China, Taiwan area and Singapore. Cantonese is specifically targeted to HK audience only.



Is it the Simplified or Traditional? There is not a certain correct answer if you want to be ACADEMICALLY precise. But we are not scholars studying histories and written text forms - we are translators. Let me give you a straight and easy answer – in term of Chinese translation business, “translation into Cantonese” means translation into “Traditional Chinese for Hong Kong Readers”.

Is Cantonese an "Independent" language?

No it's not an "Independent" language, it's just a dialect spoken in China's Guangdong (or you may say "Canton") province and in Hong Kong.

So why didn't other Chinese dialects gain the same or similar importance in western world? Why don't we hear much of "Shanghainese", "Shandongnese" or "Sichuanese" (Bibytes is located in Sichuan, so you may say our daily language is “Sichuanese”.)? This is because the Grangdong (Canton) province was the earliest in China to start its communication and economic exchange with the western world more than one hundred years ago (Hong Kong was then a small village lying on the south coast of Guangdong). Many Chinese people nowadays living in the United States are of Canton (Guangdong) origin, and their accent (Cantonese) is much more heard by western people than any other Chinese dialect was.

Confidence in handling your Cantonese projects

Some of our team members live in Canton (Guangdong) province, and Cantonese is their daily spoken dialect. We also have strategic partners operating in Hong Kong. This means “Cantonese” is one of the two “mother tongues” (the other one is Mandarin) for which A.C.T. is totally confident of being able deliver perfect results.



Based in China (Chengdu, Sichuan) and with Cantonese being one of our two mother tongues (the other one is Chinese Mandarin), A.C.Translation is the choice provider for your English to Cantonese Translation projects.

Yes we are top English to Cantonese translators. At A.C.T., we are skilled to translate English to Cantonese. We have good quality English Cantonese Dictionary. Of course, as we are a group of experienced professional human translators, what you will get is definitely more than an English Cantonese Dictionary can offer!

Now, contact us and see how we will satisfy your English to Cantonese translation needs.

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