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Language-related Articles:

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2. Quality Control - The Survival Skill for Any Language Freelancers. - English Version

3. The Current Developments of Chinese Translation Industry & Market. - English Version

4. Good translation requires command of a wide range of knowledge - English Version

5. Human translation vs. machine translation - the advantages... - English Version

6. What are required to grow up as a professional translator? - English Version

7. What are required to grow up as a professional translator? - English Version

8. Things to be kept in mind when translating English into Chinese. - English Version

9. Analysis on prerequisites for becoming a successful freelance translator. - English Version

10. Plans and rules to understand before taking any translations jobs. - English Version

11. Some tips given by freelancers to freelancers for translation jobs. - English Version

12. How many of the most difficult Chinese dialects do you know? - English Version

13. Difference between Taiwan and Hong Kong Styles of Traditional Chinese. - English Version

14. Cantonese and Mandarin, Common Points of Different Language Variations - English Version

15. From Tradition to Simplified, A Different Perspective on Inheritance of Chinese Culture. - English Version

16. How Do Foreigners Learn Chinese: Listening, Speaking and Reading. - English Version




Technology-related Articles:

1. How can the smart hardwares find their competitive edges in the market? - English Version
2. News Client Apps Evoloving to Better Fit into the Mobile Internet. - English Version
3. Do You Understand the Beauty of Science & Technology? - English Version
4. What will happen to China if its technical development haults? - English Version
5. The development of China's technical innovation - English Version
6. The building up of China's technical innovation system - English Version
7. The development of China's Internet Technology - English Version
8. Corporate Account as a powerful new feature of the popular WebChat - English Version
9. The APPLE is More Valuable Than You may Have Imagined. - English Version
10. The Significancy of Technical Innovation Under the Current System - English Version
11. The Importance and Application of Energy-Efficiency Technology in Residential and Civic Buildings. - English Version


Articles about English Learning:

1. Proficiency in a foreign Language comes from real interest. - English Version
2. Some tips for learning English - English Version
3. A strong vocabulary base is critical to your mastering of English language. - English Version
4. It can be simple and easy to improve your English listening & comprehension skill. - English Version
5. Learning English Starts from the Development of Language Sensitivity. - English Version
6. Skills & Methods to Develop Sensitivity to English Language. - English Version
7. Grammars and language sensitivity are two pillars in language learning. - English Version
8. Language sensitivity leads to proficiency in spoken English. - English Version
9. An analysis about the charm of English as a language. - English Version
10. Three stages of the development of the English language. - English Version
11. An analysis on the development trend of the modern English. - English Version

Articles about various industrial markets in China:

1. China's construction materials market explores new potentials on the Internet. - English Version
2. Medicine/drug EXPO brings out new leads to China's medicine market. - English Version
3. An analysis on the outlook of China's optical glass product. - English Version
4. An Analysis on China's Garment Market: Stable Transition, with Positive Outlook. - English Version
5. China as an Ideal Steel Sourcing Place. - English Version
6. O2O Pattern for Wenzhou's Footware Businesses. - English Version
7. China's Sports & Stationary Products Market. - English Version
8. How to Properly Select Appropriate Medicine Products. - English Version
9. The Current Developments of China's Education Industry. - English Version
10. How China's Education Market Survived the Financial Crisis. - English Version
11. The Choice Markets for Home Electric Appliances. - English Version


Articles about the ancient cultures in China:

1. China's Famous Opera Culture. - English Version
2. The Rich Chinese Culture Tested by Time and History. - English Version
3. Tears Sometimes Could be a Part of the History. - English Version
4. A Reflection on the Current Chinese Culture. - English Version
5. A Criticism on Current Chinese Culture. - English Version
6. A Long-lasting Porcelain Culture in China. - English Version
7. How Much do We Know About China's Ancient Poems Composed in Tang and Song Dynasty . - English Version
8. China's Ancient Culture Went Global via the Silk Road. - English Version
9. Ancient Constructions/Architectures as Part of Chinese Culture. - English Version
10. Some Basic Knowledge About the Four Great Inventions in Ancient China. - English Version
11. Deep and Profound Impact from the Culture of Ancient China . - English Version


Knowledge about the translation industry:

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